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2018 Governor: Quality trending ... "GOV 100% Renewable Energy" No Fracking Way!

Published Sep 24, 2017 10:39 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Colorado | 2018 Governor
Election | Primary June | Midterm Election | 11.06.2018 | Subject | Governor | 100% Renewable Energy | Promises | 2040 | 2050 | Candidates | Mike Johnston | Jared Polis | No Way | 100% Verified | Oil Gas Fracking

GP7A News: What's all this talk about Colorado Governor 100% Renewable Energy, by candidates who have no authority, no history, of actually, doing any work in the Renewable, and sustainable energy industry. Let alone, any real facts, supporting Candidate Mike Johnston, and Candidate Jared Polis. Fantasy off Colorado going 100% Renew Energy.They might buy these gambits of deception in Boulder County. And Eagle county is doing their best also. But when Google Analytics is added to the claims. It's not only impossible to be 100% Renew Energy. And the Sustainable energy need as feed stocks, air, wind, water, solar. But these two candidates, are going to do their best. To ruin, or bankruptcy the Oil Gas Fracking Industries. To reach a 100% Energy sources. And Sustainable Energy sources.

What is Oil Gas Fracking. How do the Governor candidates Mike Johnston, and Candidate Jared Polis 100% Renewable Energy Colorado think they are going to reach 100% renewable energy. When, Jared Polis, disaster, who, REP "Jared Polis candidate for Governor", the ultimate power of the state.

The bucket list of wisdom that will be needed for Colorado's future from 2019 forward to safety, growth, and the beacon of light the entire world will see. And to influence other citizens across the USA. To come together, and throw a party, eat some food, play some music. Even if you don't like what's being served.

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