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Colorado GOV: 2017 Governor John Hickenlooper LT GOV Donna Lynne Establishment

Published Sep 16, 2017 6:39 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | GP7A Politics | Colorado | Gubernatorial | Election | Primary June 2018 |Midterm November 6, 2018 | Deficit | $7000,000,000 Colorado Governor | John Hickenlooper | LT Governor Donna Lynne | Establishment | VS | Establishment | City and County of Denver | Mayor | Michael Hancock | Cary Kennedy | Vice Mayor/CFO | $7000,000,000 | Short Fall | Numbers Don’t Lie | CO Leaders Do


GP7A News: Colorado GOV, Trending saying goodbye Governor John Hickenlooper can’t run for Reelection, GOV John Hickenlooper has reached his term limit of two years.  Did you hear? Governor John Hickenlooper endorses, his, LT Governor Donna Lynne the darling of the GOV Colorado Democrat Leadership Establishment.

"Marcus Giavanni, of GP7A News, and GP7A Politics, located in Colorado. The Gubernatorial 2018 Election for Colorado. Voters’ want to know, when is the “GOV Primary” it will be sometime in June 2018"." It appears both the Democratic leadership, and the republican leadership can agree on one thing. Keeping all the independent/unaffiliated voters guessing, on when the Primary elections date will be announced. They must give a month, or people would be like."

Really, you all trying to interfere with GOV Colorado elections. Think about it. If not give a date so the Independent /unaffiliated voters can plan to Vote; now sometime in June 2018. Set your Google Calendar. You see, the party affiliation voters. Like Democrats and Republicans. They’ll now when the elections will be. They have a controlled party.

Independent/unaffiliated don’t have that leadership. They must rely on themselves, and the Election offices near them. OH wait, they are run by Democrats, and Republicans. Damn, at least their constituents must wait. The favor, tilts towards, the Democrats.

Remember, Colorado voters’. When is the Midterm Gubernatorial election date? That is correct Colorado voters’, election night is November 6, 2018. There is 14 months left, before the Colorado Gubernatorial battle, between the top establishments, nonprofits, and special interest. Their candidates have been pre-approved, and overstuffed. 

To many candidates. Listen Voters’ it this simple, why these two candidates are probably nice women. Nevertheless, both candidates come with losing, over spending, hundreds of millions of dollars. LT GOV/CFO Lynne, Deficit $7000,000,000 that’s over a half a billion. GOV Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, endorses, LT Governor/CFO Donna Lynne, as the state party establishment candidate Donna Lynne.


Establishment of the City, and County of Denver. And its Mayor Michael Hancock and friends; endorses Cary Kennedy, Vice Mayor/CFO, leaving a whopping $7000,000,000 (Over half a billion) Short Fall for her 6 years of service, as appointed by Mayor Michael Hancock. The City and county of Denver coffers are dry. The Colorado Coffers are just as dry. Numbers Don’t Lie; Colorado and the city and county of Denver say CO Leaders Do. #TaptheVote

- Marcus Giavanni