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The Dream Team for International Business Hospitality and Travel for the Rich and Famous

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Candidate and candidates for marcus giavanni for Governor
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  A right every Voter should demand and see all candidates. But unfortunately for all voters' who don't vote, and you think your vote don't count, look who's vote counted, and look where the United States of America is now...on the world stage.

  All Voters need to see all Candidates for Colorado Elections and total Optimization, Voters looking at candidates Governor Colorado want to see more than Polls. More than two sided debates leaving other 3rd party or unaffiliated candidates like Marcus Giavanni and Joshua Yballa for Governor and Lt. Governor, as well as others, not being able to be heard.

  All Voters in Colorado need to look closely at all the candidates and see if there is a candidate for Governor you like and will support.

There are 7 candidates Incumbent Governor John Hickenlooper, Bob Beauprez, Harry Hempy Mathew HessMike Dunafon, Paul Fiorino, Marcus Giavanni.

Candidate Marcus Giavanni is a write in candidate , but his name will appear on the ballot, don't believe the lies!!

"I took the guarantee, because I knew they would deem my petition signature insufficient. So I took the guarantee, and watch the fools around me talk out the side of their neck behind my back. Hmm!"

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Here is why Marcus Giavanni chose the Write-in over. Signatures. So before you start hating educate the what for, before you bloviate! (click here)

One of these men have Colorado's agenda spelled out on the internet. How would you know where they all really stand.

  Simple test, Google Search: the last names of each candidate, and behind their names and the word Optimization.

  Googlebots, Crawlers and Spiders will scrub or sanitize the search for the past, present and future of each candidate. They will bring all the pertinent information, based on the current local GEO political events, and top conversations to the front pages of Google Web, Google Images and Google Video. The news does not factor in they're slanted against citizens, and therefore they are irrelevant with this optimization test.

  All Voters must use their heads on the general election for 11.4.14 or those who may do early voting may register to vote (click here) and then make the mail ballots by the October 14, 2014