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Communities For Giavanni Yballa Ticket 11.4.2014

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First Responders for Marcus Giavanni For Governor of Colorado Optimization

  First Responders for Candidates for Governor of Colorado Optimization, First Respondents are worried that they are being neglected, under paid, equipment, staff. An illegal alien in Colorado is suing several first responders who took part in rescuing him last September, when he became trapped in his car during a flash flood. First Responders find themselves having to watch what they say, watch what they do, and now it appear First Responders need to watch who they rescue in fear of being sued.

Candidates for Governor Marcus Giavanni and Joshua Yballa Lt.

  In all 64 counties located within the boarders of Colorado there are cuts to budgets that will be putting First Responders at risk on the job they love so much. They are cutting back on qualified individuals going with less experienced and some hiring anyone they can get. That will put on a uniform to be a public servant with little to no regard to their well being.

  Of course this is not in every Department, built it is in some. And some; is way to many for these heroes to worry if they are going to be able to feed their children or a least make it home safe at night to tuck them in for bed. Or fixing them breakfast when their children wake in the morning. And their moms and dads are their for them, as they themselves are just getting home from work.

Candidates for Governor Marcus Giavanni and Joshua Yballa Lt.