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Governor Magagement: All 50 States. How much does Google strategies cost. Nothing they are free. That just part of SEO and SMO Integration
Governor Magagement: All 50 States. How much does Google strategies cost. Nothing they are free. That just part of SEO and SMO Integration Colorado Gubernatorial and Lieutenant Gubernatorial Candidates Colorado Gubernatorial and Lieutenant Gubernatorial Candidates
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Governor 2018: Colorado, What, Voters want Building Better Future for Growth!
Governor 2018: Colorado, What, Voters want Building Better Future for Growth!

2018: Governor running For Colorado Governor What, Building a Better, Future, Ideas, Results, Economy, Oil and Gas, Fracking, Marijuana

Published 6.16.2017 4:20 Am by Marcus Giavanni | Gubernatorial Elections | 2018 | Colorado |Voters Are Sick And Tired | Bye-Bye | Establishment | No More Broken Promises | Citizen's 1st | Party 2nd | 63 Counties | Clean Up | #1 County Denver 

GP7A News: "Who will be Governor 2018? New Era for Colorado. Why, Voters are Sick and Tired of being Bullshited, Lied to, and their money squander on big raises, fancy trips. Big advertising, to brainwash Voters into thinking. 

When you have a dude like me, having to show, you the facts. That's a pretty pathetic state of affairs. Just Ask Google! -Marcus Giavanni

Disclaimer: The content you are about to read is a scientific study. To monitor conversation configurations, in many topics, intertwined, with other verified content, and matched conversations. Through a video library of over 1,500 1st level Authority Ownership of subject matters, and topics. The content below, will have an open effect on the SEO industry as we know it. For the SEO Companies, post 6.16.2017. Get it right, get Google, for Google. Why use any other browsers. Google does not discriminate against people with writing, and learning disabilities. For one day, someone will see their value. Clean it-up. (Professionals Schooled Journalist). Then the next day, you’re the new big swinging money man. But nobody, is going to feel, what I ceded, for years to come. It will never stop. It feeds on the emotions and habits of humans.  My gift to the world. Use it, as you may. I did! - Marcus Giavanni, Innovation, Love, and Peace …want some!


Old School ... "We know what's best for you, and it's our party." The fact is none of these 2018 Candidates for Governor of Colorado. Are different. Yet, actually, they are the same except for the Governor of Colorado Frontrunner.


Colorado Voters: "When we look in the past, of previous elections. gone by. The hostilities of these two parties is ridiculous. Year, after year, the same old song and dance. Nothing has changed, and candidates, who claim to be fighters for all. End up being fighters for the establishment. Making millions of dollars from who knows where. With some, they have dreams of being President of the United States. SO, one day they could buy an $8,000,000 dollar home. Like President Obama did. That's a lot of Obama phone sales, indeed!

These candidates over the years, and their party affiliations. Have positioned themselves. To fool everyone, with their Gambits of deception tactics. Up until post, 2016 Presidential elections, it worked. It allowed them the big galas, and events. ANd of course, kissing ass, to those special Interests, lobbyists, and foreign elites. willing to pay, any of these members of Congress, and the Senate. The Do, $, Re, $, Me, $. To afford a home in luxury, and many splendored things. That offered to many citizens.

Yet, the citizens Voters, keep voting insanely, over the same old song and dance. From these do nothing politicians. And members of Congress, and the Senate. Nobody, new is sitting at these senior member tables of luxury. For those candidates, with their perspective party affiliations. Are sitting at tables a far. Hoping one day, to be sitting at the Senior tables of the master minds of manipulation, and deceit tables. 

These candidates, once fought against, to get elected. Just like senator Bernie , and his foolish Presidential campaign. Bernie Sanders ... Shut the FAKE up!

Bernie Sanders, you have lost all credibility. All relevance. Now, supported, by all those, you fought against. Was all  bullshit! (Give me another word for it, for this is what I learned, from my parents. To be able to recognize bullshit! When I see it, smell, I get rid of it”.)


To think Bernie Sanders, you almost had me fooled. But I got Algorithms, and found the truth about your brand of bullshit. Bernie sanders was going to change the United States. If only Voters, could see what I saw. In the bone readings on Google Images. Bernie Sanders, should have just walked away, with pride. Now, he, walked away with millions. And sucker punched all of those, he personly, bullshited. And now the Democratic Leadership. are turning to him. As a possible, future leader. LMFAO! Bernie, get off the stage, you ad your 15 minutes. Anyone, following your brand of Bullshit. Will get Bernie stank, all over their personal, social existence. 


Yet, election, after, elections. All in the name of Party Loyalty. Party members, should be loyal to their party. Right??? 


Wrong! Whereas, Party affiliation in the Future, will not be so good in future conversations. Especially, those candidates who are claiming.  "I'm Building a Better future. For a better tomorrow. I'm the only ONE, who will tell the Truth. And I will bring Justice to Colorado. I'm the only ONE, who has ideas. I'm the only one with driven results. I'm the only ONE, that will get Colorado's Economy moving forward. FOr I'm the Only one.

Now that's Old school conversation politics. And for Google to keeps its relevancy. These typical conversations, shall receive the Black Hat Abyss.


Trust me, your conversations won't work any longer on Google. in years to come.And those who know, their content will replace these foolish conversations. For the reality of true relevance, is Google, and the protection of such relevance, is what Google Developers, like Marcus Giavanni. Are doing, developing hidden content, in Google Clouds, for Future recall, and advanced Pollicals. (New Word: Pollical: To call out Bulshit content)

To determine, the relevancy of each conversation, the authors relevance, and his/her identity within their communities. THis conversation is about candidates running for Governor. In the Gubernatorial elections for 2018. In All 36 states. It appears, this election will be the Republicans rebirth. For the current, and previous, conversations of HATE, Despair, Ridicule, Fake, Bias, Suppression of Democracy, Identity voting, Social and civil rights exploits to fit the their narratives. Will not be tolerated in the future of Google Search. 

There are some Google Developers, trying to manipulate, their content, to fit the present conversation topics listed above. Those to will be heading to the Black Hat Abyss. I warned you all in 2011. you all called me crazy, delusional, and even some tried to put me in jail. But you won't here that from Denver Media.

This story is coming, believe. It's sitting in the clouds waiting to rain down, on those I have spoken to, emailed, called out. I'm giving you all a chance to redeem yourselves. If you been contacted by me. It's not by accident, it's about.

Restoring Professional Journalism. And establishing the identities of true Professional Journalism, and Bias, Fake news tabloids. Many current Media Giants. Have no clue what's coming down the journalistic pike. All brought to you by a heavy metal singer, with no high school diploma (I did not quit school), with dyslexia. (THose Grammar gods, who leave negative comments on my content. That's like, bullying a person in a wheelchair. Just because you don't understand my life's experiences, or disability. Doesn't mean, I'm a worthless, piece of cow dung. the worst excuse of human, not worthy of any type of self worth. There is only one thing I can say. Black Hat Abyss for You! - Marcus Giavanni, the Rodent Danger field of Colorado's politics. And all those who will not cover my story. Because of preconceived thoughts, and notions, without asking me direct. I did all of this for you! What's funny, nobody knows, but me, and Google. And those 8,033 voters. Who said wait, what the Hell is going on!

Now, I shall digress:

Who are these Candidates for governor for 2018 Gubernatorial elections? "Well, let's take a look see, at the 2018 Colorado Gubernatorial elections. They will have over 10 candidates for Republicans, and 10 candidates for Democrats, and whatever the Libertarians, and Green Party, and Unity Party candidates. a Busy filed indeed. And that's where the problems unravel on Google.


How are all the candidates going to establish relevance on Google. Some already have some relevance, and some have none at all. Just the will, to be your next Governor for 2018 Primary elections, to be held in June 2018.


Furthermore, how are these candidates going to be able to get their messages across to voters'. when all their messages sound the same. And it will be the candidate with the most relevancy. Whose  assets, will be trending at the Top of Google's Organic Search results. PERIOD!


Causing all candidates to advertise. To be placed above the special, and most relevant content available. That fits the Google+ aw Authority. All over the World. For those who use Google, and if you don't use Google. Then your #2 Brower. Will never beat #1. Facts, not fiction. To those experts who try to defame a Google or it's Google Developers, as being, irrelevant.  You have picked the wrong entity to discredit.


The future experts, and educators will be coming together, to bring stability, in our children’s minds. Our parents, are overworked, and have place, used, and given Materialistic Side Effects to their children.


What is Materialistic side effects:    These are tools used by some parents, for reasons only known. To that giving, and sharing person, of love, and side effects.


The side effects, are from the guilt you feel, about. How award tour worked to get those bronco tickets, skiing, jet skis, snowmobiles, motorhomes,  fancy clothes, great vacations to boast to all your friends, who could not afford, and took that extra money, and s aved it for a rainy day. That most reasonable people think “Nothing bad ever happens to me, it won’t happen to me”. Take another spin on that. Think about it again!


-Marcus Giavanni 


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Battling Down the Status Quo By Marcus Giavanni
Governor Colorado 2018 next Ideal Attorney (Criminal) Military Family Man
Governor Colorado 2018 next Ideal Attorney (Criminal) Military Family Man
Governor Colorado 2018: Establishing Authority, Now, Next Ideal Candidate for Governor must be Attorney (Criminal), Military Knowledge, (A Must), Family Man (All Family Values)

Published 6.16.2017 6:56 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | Colorado | Gubernatorial | Election | 2018 | Establishing | Authority | Candidates |  Front-runner

GP7A News: The Governor Colorado 2018 Frontrunner June Primary 

elections. We need to establish candidate authority, asap. Establishing Authority on the relevance each candidate, may have, or have not. With the current needs, and steps needed to assure that the best interest, of Colorado, are truly met. 


Making sure that 100% of all politicians and its citizens 1st, visitors 2nd, and with the positive actions, comes positive results. Just the perfect conversation continued, for the future of Innovation, Love, and Peace ... want some!


Marcus Giavanni's controlled code, with end-users speaking EDOC. Every second of the day. Triggering, future Google all, Google Image, Google Videos, Google Shops, top ten Google search results, in most categories. But it’s the images that hold clues, of your current actions, search request, and how far deep you went into the White Hat verified content.


Management is the total paradigm shift for removing fake, bias content. And, move the Overton window back dead center. And revoke the window, and insert the skies and clouds above you. To Google the see the world, as you way it is, and when you don’t.


Instead promoting, through content uploaded to Google.  Hate, Suppression, Ridicule, Slander, False Claims, False Charges, False allegations, False News, False commentary. Bias News, Bias Media.


Who conspire, that is not under the standards of the Professional Journalism codes of ethics. And if you do, hold, the credentials. And you there for are in VIOLATION.


We publicly, and verified by Google. Revoke your relevancy to your membership, of any said, party, organization of, and all,  


He said she said, the revere spiral out of control news media. search results. 


another words, other conversations, being indexed to create massive conversations, search, one end user at a time. marinating our authority, for full exposure. and dominance of our controlled conversations on subject matter of relevance. about a subject or title .  Before, any, and all ask Google search results. 


This is what you signed up for, when you, joined Google Land!


How cool is that!!!


Asa google developer and a national google Guide. We are able to extract relevant content from various data banks, vaults, at maximum data storage facilities, on Google browser. from around the world, soon. Using Reversed Engineered Alphabetical Mathematical. To verify, and bring forward, relevant conversations of specific subject matters, and topics.


Google+ Law Authority:

Google+ Pages Additional Terms of Service
You and Google may authorize users who have authority over the subject matter ... Google reserves the right to block or remove Google+ Pages that violate law, ...

Over the years I have verified, and set a precedence, for Google spiders, and crawlers, seeking out Black Hat Abyss end users. And removing, said content, casting it, and all who supported, its demised conversations. So, all social media, down the drain, faster than a speeding bullet! On what's really best for this subject, being "Governor of Colorado 2018 Frontrunner" conversations, around the world. When the next Colorado Governor takes office, I look forward on presenting, the world. "2019 Denver International  Hub Launch" him the powers of Colorado.


All party affiliations are taken out of this very important ingredient., Now, Next Ideal Attorney (Criminal), Military Knowledge, (A Must), Family Man (All Family Values). 


Published 6.16.2017 6:56 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | Colorado | Gubernatorial | Election | 2018 | Establishing | Authority | Candidates |  Front-runner




Governor Colorado 2018 next Ideal Attorney (Criminal) Military Family Man
Governor Colorado 2018 next Ideal Attorney (Criminal) Military Family Man
2018 Governor: GP7A News is Asking, What Governor Elect Going to Do About fighting corruption. Verified Candidate Marcus Giavanni
2018 Governor: GP7A News is Asking, What Governor Elect Going to Do About fighting corruption. Verified Candidate Marcus Giavanni
Candidates Google Circles Colorado Governor 2018 Strategist
Candidates Google Circles Analysis for Colorado's Race for Governor in 2018 Strategist Marcus Giavanni and the Wizard, Knows, All, Tells All ...Just Ask Google!