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Colorado Governors Race Candidates 2018 Who What When Where
Colorado Governors Race Candidates 2018 Who What When Where
Colorado Governor’s Race: Candidates 2018 Who What When Where

Published Oct 23, 2017 2:13 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Colorado Gubernatorial Election 2018 | Announcement | Colorado Governor 2018 | Candidates | Running | Governor 2018 Colorado 2018 Primary Date June 26 | Mid-Term Election | Nov 6, 2018 | Open Your Eyes Colorado | 2018 Candidates | #Tapthevote


GP7A News: "#TapTheVote “Colorado Governor in 2018 Candidates Announcing Running for Governor’s Race for 2018 Colorado Gubernatorial Election. The frontrunners are … 1st Republican Candidate “George Brauchler”." Will be the next Governor of CO. The 2nd frontrunner is Democrat Cary Kennedy, $700,000,000 Shortfalls.

The biggest losers’ candidates with the most Money, try to buy our elections, and continue the Gambit of Deception. Fooling those VOTERS’, who are not paying attention. Who think they are Paying attention! Wrong Choice Candidate for “2018 Governor of Colorado”. Wrong Choice, announcement… Republican Candidate Victor for Colorado Governor 2018 How about the two Democratic Candidate Love Buddies, (LOVE BUDDIES) for Colorado Governor 2018, on “Colorado Governor 100% Renewable Energy”  

The 2018 Colorado gubernatorial election will take place on November 6, 2018, to elect the next Governor of Colorado. Incumbent Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper is term-limited and cannot seek re-election to a third consecutive term.  

What is Colorado Governor 100% Renewable Energy, and will Rep Jared Polis and his fantasy about achieving Colorado Governor 100% Renewable Energy, can it really happen when Jared Polis Says it will. Answer, NO WAY! And what about the other Democratic Candidate, who claims Colorado Governor 100% Renewable Energy by 2040 Candidate Mike Johnston, Democrat 2018 for

Will Mike Johnston can fool all the voters. NO WAY, especially if you have 401K that is made up of oil and Gas. These candidates want to take your wealth, and give it to the Colorado Governor 100% Renewable Energy Industry, at any costs! If these candidates, appear to take on the talking points, narratives, and the Democratic Ideology for the last 30 years.


This same ideology (Democrat Victimism), has taken over some of the biggest institutions in the United States of America. Like the NFL. Whereas, players, coaches, and friends. Are all taking a knew during the National Anthem played before the NFL Games. One game was the Jaguars vs Ravens.

This game was the game that ended the NFL, and normal people have had enough of blasting our country, but doing it in other people’s countries. This is a rash you will not be able to clear up!

The NFL wants their fan base to believe for a moment. They are doing it for racial equality. Yea, Right!

I went to high school where there was 4,000+ students. And the Black Football Players. I knew, 1979, they wanted to impregnate, as many white girls, as they could, as they wanted. And as they did.

They were never held back from racism, they had a better time playing football, and having sex, with their white teammates’ girlfriends. In fact, they become so emboldened, they went after all white girls, as open game sperm banks. Actually, there was all types of boy back in 80' who impregnated women. Did you know Marcus Giavanni should have 9 children. Only has 5. Shhh!

Now this continued ideology, is in the black communities’ content of music, plays, TV, radio, Magazines, Newspapers, and the Internet. (Not For Long)

When you consider that 75% of the NFL players are BLACK, Millionaires, that used to be idolized. (Most still are, but the political stank is spraying on other team mates. By Americans who looked at them, as neutral entertainment. Like those going to church on Sundays. Citizens across America watch the NFL, as if they were going to church. Warning to NFL Players “Without fans, there is no endorsements, with no endorsements, means. No big money contracts, or advertisers during the game.

When your stadiums look go empty. Just remember, how it happened. Maybe it happened because then President Barak Obama “Who will go down as the worse President of the United states, beating out Jimmy Carter, the lone tool, in the box of ex-presidents. And historians will say that President Barack Obama, and friends. Have single handedly, put the black community in oppression, suppression, and crushed, the black identities, setting them back another 50 years.

The truly sad thing about this NFL Controversy. It’s going to back fire, because it was not President Donald Trump who elected President Donald Trump. It was the American People, and those who supported the Democrats, and the Media, and the special interest groups, and those nonprofits/nonpartisan nonprofits; who are really moth pieces of the Democratic Party.

I have one thing to say to you all. Especially those in congress who keep throwing out the narrative to impeach the president. Your foolish comments, you think make you look good, and powerful to your resistor base. Think again, you all have destroyed the American people. And those who don’t think their VOTE counts. Well it counted for those in Washington D.C. For they fear none of us Americans.


You decreased the enter United states on the land of a King. We once over through.  And so are the other teams, players, coaches. You are all Shameful Americas, and Most Americans’ don’t feel the same, as your ignorant group of millionaires.  – Marcus Giavanni

Kayvan for Denver, Kayvan for Mayor in 2019, Kayvan Khalatbari those Military Dudes are pissed off at you. Disrespecting our Flag! Not All Iranian Americans think like you.
Kayvan for Denver, Kayvan for Mayor in 2019, Kayvan Khalatbari those Military Dudes are pissed off at you. Disrespecting our Flag! Not All Iranian Americans think like you.