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we are limited on our conversation for now.

3. Governor's Children Need Both Parents Authority: GCNBP Authority

  This Governor's Children Need Both Parents Authority Everyone knows that Marcus Giavanni's children have been in and out of the family court system since 2007. Gubernatorial Candidate Giavanni , as well as many others, has endured heart ache and pain from the current Denver Health and Human Services and an ex-attorney who is now a Magistrate in Denver courts. Who, by the way, was the attorney for the Respondent when Candidate Giavanni was the Petitioner as he turned to the courts for help.

  Again, without going into details, this authority will work with legislators to create the Zippy Law. Domestic violence is about control.  Many times it manifests in our communities in the form of horrific abuse and deadly situations for the victims.  However, domestic violence is not always manifested physically; most domestic violence is emotional in nature long before it becomes physical.  Some of the emotionally controlling acts by domestic violence offenders do not qualify as criminal and involve controlling money, monitoring the victim or even attempts to use law enforcement to harass the victim. 

Although false reporting to law enforcement is a crime, many times similar allegations made in courts, unless addressed by the court as being perjury, go unpunished and when children are involved, they are the ones truly victimized by the selfishness of one or both parents. 

This law will protect children from the emotional abuse, mandating school administrators, counselors and teachers have the duty to report cries of help from all children going through either, domestic, civil or emotional problems brought on by a parent, whether the allegations are criminal in nature or not.  Again since we are grassroots, and there is on-going investigation in regards to this matter, we are limited on what we can do or say.


  Coloradans you must elect us to get to the bottom of this investigation. This is the only way that we will be able to get the answers we need.  The day we take office, Gubernatorial Candidate Marcus Giavanni and Lt. Governor Candidate Joshua Yballa will start a Governor’s probe into the abuses in the system. 

We will have a phone number and email so that other citizens of Colorado, no matter what county, can report abuses of the state in this regard.  If you believe you or someone you know been a victim of the state, we want to speak to you to have an opportunity to protect victims of this abuse.

For starters here is an email, and we will help you: