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7. Governor's Investment and Redevelopment Authority: GIR Authority

  This Governor's Investment and Redevelopment Authority will work with all federal, state and local municipalities to educate and promote Peak Wealth amongst Coloradans living in Peak Wealth neighborhoods across all 64 counties.  Currently, in some of these Peak Wealth Neighborhoods, builders and developers are coming in, buying up these valuable properties and paying below market value or value, when they should be paying a premium.  Take a look at the Corey Merrill Neighborhood. There are home owners that bought their homes at $80,000 but the same houses are now worth well over $500,000 with some even worth $1,000,000 or more!

Governors Investment and Redevelopment Authority

  Some of these home owners are saying how lucky they are and they don't want to move while others are saying they are old and they don't know what they are going to do when they are 55 or older.  We will educate these home owners realize regarding their options to remain or sell, take the profits and go buy another $80,000 house in a neighborhood outside of Denver Metro, Colorado Area.  This would allow the homeowner to use the profits of the sale to remodel the new home and/or establish a family trust. 

Governors Investment and Redevelopment Authority

This is an opportunity to infuse areas outside the Denver Metro Area with new growth and wealth.  Alternatively, if the homeowner chooses to remain and passes away, under current laws, the death tax and probate will likely leave the surviving family members owing big money for attorney fees and taxes.  We need to ensure our citizens are educated concerning such important fiscal matters to ensure our state’s fiscal solvency and guarantee a better future for our children.