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Colorado will be the Beacon of Light for the Entire Nation

From West coast of Washington, down to California and across to the East coast of Maine, down to South Florida

Do to the proprietary, on going investigations and the safety of Colorado and it's Citizens...

we are limited on our conversation for now.

8. Governor's Medical and Recreational Marijuana Authority: GMRM Authority

  This Governor's Medical and Recreational Marijuana Authority is one that will set precedent with other municipalities both in-state and out regarding the issues surrounding the legalization of marijuana. Governor Giavanni will build coalition of the Federal Government, Colorado, City and County of Denver and all cities thereafter.

  This authority will establish the first ever Gia-Tri Belts Platform developed by Marcus Giavanni.  There are three zones to which we call Belts.

1.  1st Gia Tri-Belt: 1st Belt will surround the outer circumference border of Colorado with our neighboring states and their counties.

2.  2nd Gia Tri-Belt: 2nd Belt will surround the inner boarder of Colorado and our counties.

3.  3rd  Gia Tri-Belt: 3rd Belt will surround the second outer boarders of the 2nd Gia Tri-Belts and their counties with in its own boundaries.

  These belts will be the highway of information in regards to education, public safety, and law enforcement issues dealing with the legalization of marijuana. These belts will create conversation that will be used to develop policies and procedures for each department working with the three Gia-Tri Belts within the perspective boundaries and authority per each municipalities and each of their departments.  

  More to follow and first Responders Love do the Sheriffs Departments in all 64 counties....shh, remember silent majority!

Candidates for Governor who supports Marijuana and Cannabis Candidates Marcus Giavanni, Candidates Mike Dunafon for Governor of Colorado Optimization.