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Colorado will be the Beacon of Light for the Entire Nation

From West coast of Washington, down to California and across to the East coast of Maine, down to South Florida

Do to the proprietary, on going investigations and the safety of Colorado and it's Citizens...

we are limited on our conversation for now.

    9. Governor's Military Health Family Authority: GMHF Authority

  This Governor's Military Health Family Authority that will monitor, review and help set policies to protect the military, their families and most importantly, the health of the military and their families. We will set up a toll free number and an encrypted e-mail that veterans and their family members can use as a direct line of communication to Marcus Giavanni as Governor, Joshua Yballa as Lt. Governor and to the various department heads running each department that handle these issues as an emergency for a 24-48 hour response time.

  The Giavanni Yballa Team will also set up the same benefits to serve the civilian, non-military community.  When it comes to Colorado and its citizens, nobody will go hungry, not have a roof over their head or be in want of proper medical attention, period!

Candidate For Lt. Governor of Colorado is a Marine Veteran and Army reservist named Joshua Yballa and the only Veteran running for Lt. Governor of Colorado with running mate Marcus Giavanni for Governor Gubernatorial candidate.

Candidate Joshua Yballa knows what it needs to protect law enforcement, military and their Families. In fact both Marcus Giavanni and Joshua Yballa is the only winning ticket come 11.414 and early voting is October 14, 2014 goes to snail mail to the Voters.

Military Health Family Authority

Military Health Family Authority