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GP7A News: Attorney General Jeff Sessions No More Marijuana Rico Act 2018
GP7A News: Attorney General Jeff Sessions No More Marijuana Rico Act 2018

GP7A News: Is Marijuana the New Opioid Replacement Injecting Pharmaceutical THC

January 4, 2018 | Attorney General Cynthia Coffman GP7A News

Published January 4, 2018 7:47 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | United States News | Attorney General News | Attorney General Jeff Sessions | Attorney General Cynthia Coffman | Colorado | Restoring Federal Powers | Enforce Federal Marijuana Laws| Medical Marijuana Dispensaries No Worries | Dual Medical and Recreational Worry | Recreational Dispensaries Worry | Growers | Rico Act 2018 | Coming to a city with the most cash, assets, and property all gained, by means of ill-gotten gains of recreational Marijuana 2018.


"GP7A News asks Jeff Sessions, "Should AG Cynthia Coffman give a warning to Recreational dispensaries, a 48 hour notice before a State raid, or Federal raid"?" And does the Federal Raids, have to tell, our AG Cynthia Coffman they are going to raid Colorado Dispensaries. And what does Governor Hickenlooper think. Or is he just going to kick the can down the road. And let the next Candidate for governor of Colorado. 


United States: GP7A News call it again, Attorney Tom Downey Reads the Riot Act Marcus Giavanni Show 2015 after a year of speculation, the cash grab is on, the gloves are off. DEA has full rights to all your stuff. And I warned you all, you had better switch to Medical.  And Dispensaries beware. Those Dispensaries with all the hat cash, of bitcoin currency assets, businesses, they are possibly coming for your Money, Money, Money, Money! M O N E Y!

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... GP7A News a look back to 2016 "In the City of Denver: About Tom Downey. Marcus Giavanni and "City Attorney in Denver. "Attorney Tom Downey", Ex, Director of "Denver Excise and Licenses"." See, GP7A Attorneys Directory, see, City of Denver. Who is Attorney Tom Downey; Marijuana Law Attorneys. And what are the Rules and procedures in the "City and County of Denver". You must have an attorney. Just not an AG, that is a different type of Attorney. GP7A Attorneys Directory is building sector partnership in different ways, then one would think. 


GP7A Attorneys and Marijuana News U.S: AG Jeff Sessions. AG Cynthia tells others nothing is going to change. Like, AG Cynthia Coffman, is going to tell everyone. Who by the way is a Republican Candidate for Governor in 2018. 


AG Cynthia Coffman, “Tom Downey" Ex, Director; of "Denver Department of Excise and Licenses". attorney in the "City and county of Denver", Attorney, talks about the "City and County of Denver", about city, "Marijuana News" in "Denver Excise and Licensing and GP7A News, Ex- "Denver Excise and License" and "Tom Downey", an "Attorney on Marijuana Industry issues, on "Marijuana Radio", about reports from "SMO Guru Marcus Giavanni, on Giavanni's "talk radio" program. About the "Marijuana Industry".|

Marcus Giavanni Show that "Tom Downey is the Ex, Director; of Denver Department of Excise and Licenses", appeared on the  and "Marcus Giavanni Show January 5, 2018 Marijuana the New Opioid Replacement".Marijuana the New Opioid Replacement


AG Jeff Sessions, January 5, 2018, will make an announcement, about the lack of enforcement of the Marijuana Industry, across the United States.  No More Marijuana Rico Act 2018. Or will it be no more Recreational Marijuana. Not Allowing the use, sale, growth, cultivating, manufacturing Marijuana for all uses.  Medial forms marijuana. For human consumption, through Smoke and/or Eatables. Some people are injecting, but these are rare occasion, but these users think of it as a replacement for their Opioid, wants, and needs, and withdrawals. 


AG Jeff Sessions has a duty to enforce the law, and obey the constitution. The other task at hand is restoring the Integrity of the Attorney General’s Office, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Known as, the FBI. 


When Marcus Giavanni wrote this book. Now available on Google Books. 

Nelson Vs. the United States of America: A System in Denial

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