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Marcus Giavanni

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Are Robo Calls Legal???
Yes, As long here

  Robo calls from candidates is legal, Marcus Giavanni did 30,000 Robocalls, and Hancock won.

The story went like this.

  Candidate Marcus Giavanni for Governor of Colorado, ran for office for Mayor for the City and County of Denver, Colorado in 2011. To which Candidate Marcus Giavanni thought Denver, was an unaffiliated home rule governance based on Denver’s Municipal codes.

  So candidate Giavanni, set off to get signatures to be place on the ballot for Mayor of Denver. Candidate Marcus Giavanni did not realize how hard it was, and how rude some people were, and yet others, could not wait to sign or they came up and asked to sign the ballot petition of signatures.

  Candidate Marcus Giavanni handed in his signatures to the Clerks and Records office of Denver. Candidate Giavanni quickly learned that the Denver's Clerk and Recorder office of Stephhanie O'Malley (daughter of Wellington Web, former Mayor of Denver and Giavanni's favorite stories how this man became Mayor).

  Anyway, it turns out that when I handed in my signatures the Denver's Clerk and Recorder deemed them insufficient. And so Candidate Giavanni went to his law firm of Webb and Schtul. One of the name sake partners Webb, as in, Joe Webb. Joe's brother, is Wellington Webb, and that makes Joe the uncle of Stephanie O’Malley. Stephanie O’Malley is now working for Mayor Michael Hancock.

  Candidate Giavanni for Governor, met with the attorney within the firm named Richard Daily. He was very smart, but was having issues with his family, and his health at the time. But Richard, went out of his way to introduce Candidate Giavanni to the Partners.

Note from Marcus Giavanni:

  “I met Joe first, never realized who Joe was until after the complaint filed with the District Court City and County of Denver. Joe was a stern upfront no none scene man. When he reached out to shack my hand, and his eyes piercing through me like a laser. I knew this man meant business. And I was right, our hand shake, was the determining factor for this man for sure.

  Then the questions, 10 minutes, I can't get into it, but when it was done, Joe stood up, shook my hand again and said “Welcome to the firm, here is my card if you need anything”. I was like wow... this man treated me like I was somebody to him. And his firm was the only firm out of all the law firms I spoke to that helped my campaign. Most were cowards, or others were involved with a candidates, or told me I was a dreamer. (something I have heard my entire life)

  Then I was introduced to Marc Schtul and other half of name sake of the firm. What another awesome man. His hand shake just as impressive as Joe's. But Marc was a little fourth coming with me. And we talked for about 20 minutes.

  All in all, I found the Webb & Schtul Law firm to be more than I ever Expected in a Law firm. Especially, the ones who let business, or politics get in the way of just law. These man treated me with the up most respect, and took the time to get to know me, and my plight.

  In the end, my attorney Richard Daily, fine man, but his problems, and health got into the way of my campaign. I had to set up a meeting with Joe, in regards to my bill. And when I called him he was very concerned about my issues and wanted here about my experience with my attorney, Richard Daily. So we schedule an appointment, and a few days later I receive a call from Richard Daily, and he tells me everything is okay, and that I don't owe the firm, and that he will take care of it. And that he was sorry that his personal life had effected, some of the decisions he advised me on.

  I told Richard, I had an appointment to see Joe. Then Richard said “don't worry I will talk to Joe, and square it up with the firm.”

  I was again blown away that an attorney actually took responsibility for his actions, and suffered the consequences. I never heard back for the most honorable law firm Web &Schtul.

   When elected, Candidate Marcus Giavanni would hire this private firm to clean up the the entire State Integrity form a D+ to an A+.” - Marcus Giavanni

  Candidate Giavanni went on to run as a write in candidate, after expecting he (Giavanni) even if he won the complaint, he (Giavanni would not have made his name by the printing on the ballots). After seeing Mayor Michael Hancock being interviewed by the news, when he (Hancock) was a little boy; telling how he wants to be Mayor of Denver.

  With most of the Mayoral candidates , who did not make it. Started jumping o the Chris Romer bandwagon.

  So, Candidate Giavanni took action and did 30,000 Robocalls, and lead them all to the My sources tell me based on the underdog status of Hancock, and by looking at the voter turn out. They agreed that with out Marcus Giavanni. The Mayor for the city and county of Denver, would have been Chris Romer!

Believe it...or not!!!


  My analytics' tells me that the political infrastructure for the Democrats are already in play.


What do I know..a lot!!!

Here's proof what haters do when they can't handle the truth and tries to get Giavanni in trouble. That's why you will see a post from the FCC:

Anonymous says : May 2, 2012 at 02:04 pm Robo-Calls are allowed by FCC rules from political committees, politicians, surveyors, and charities. Before you start bad-mouthing people lookup the law. FOOLS!

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Anonymous says : Apr 28, 2012 at 09:16 pm Political robocall

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Anonymous says : Apr 27, 2012 at 06:34 pm Political robocall for Marcus Giavanni, write-in choice for Denver mayor and his site, When I answered, so I called back and got the saving hungup

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Anonymous says : Apr 27, 2012 at 01:54 pm Robocall

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Anonymous says : Apr 25, 2012 at 04:20 pm political phone-calls for marcus giavanni, write in candidate for littleton mayor michael hancock


Mayor Michael Hancock will not be reelected. And supports Marcus Giavanni for Governor of Colorado...well he could?