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2018 Walker Stapleton For Colorado Governor 2018 No Way Frontrunner 2018
2018 Walker Stapleton For Colorado Governor 2018 No Way Frontrunner 2018
Treasurer Walker Stapleton: Running for 2018 Governor Colorado 

Published Sep 26, 2017 8:37 AM by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A | GP7A News | Gubernatorial Elections | Colorado | Governor 2018 | Candidate Walker Stapleton | Wrong Choice | No Way | Front runner 2018 | Walker Should Have Ran Faster To Join The GOV RACE | Campaign Finance Manipulator | Candidate Stapleton 

GP7A News: Colorado Top Bean counter Treasurer Walker Stapleton for Governor of colorado 2018 Wrong Choice. 2018 Governor Colorado, Walker Stapleton Way Around CO Campaign Finance Laws. Trending .. Wrong Choice CO! Term Limits, was this Candidate Walker Stapleton attempt to Smoke and Mirror. The true Gambit of Detection by a candidate for Colorado governor, and Stapleton's 2017 Campaign announcement came so late in the year, with less than 15 months until the 2018 Colorado Gubernatorial Elections.

"Marcus Giavanni: Did you know, Independents/Unaffiliated can now Vote in the June 2018 Primary. But there is some GOP who may cancel the June Primary 2018. There is no date set, both the Democrats, and the Republicans. Are going to keep this voting on primary dates, for "Independents/Unaffiliated 
Colorado Voters from Voting, Suppressing the date. If they could only have figured out a way to hide the Mid-Term "2018 Colorado GOvernor Election date of 11/6/2018, or 11.6.2018, or Tuesday, November 6, 2018 are very tight lipped. 

This way Democrats, and the Republicans, can suppress democracy in Colorado. Keeping the Independent/Unaffiliated Voters in the Dark. To all the suppressors, and resistors, Black Hat Abyss You All Go.

Walker Stapleton: Announcement For Governor Wrong Choice Colorado Who, Walker Stapleton for Governor in 2018 too Late of entrance to the Governor RACE for 2018"."Walker Stapleton was busy collecting $10,000 per plate fund raisers. Oh, everyone loves Walker Stapleton. Only those with blind folds, upon their Eyes. I emailed that boy. Silent Lucidity! MONEY for "Walker Stapleton's Super PAC of money getting ready to Buy Your Votes.  Wake Up, Walker Stapleton your brand of Bullshit is not welcomed, go sit with Bob Beaupre"." You feeling Froggy Bob? 


“GP7A News: Walker Stapleton announces … Walker Stapleton is

running For Governor of Colorado in 2018. Treasurer Walker Stapleton is 100% Wrong Choice for Colorado Governor in 2018, and for GOV 2018”.” There was much speculation that the irrelevant ( Feb 24, 2017 proclaimed front runner. Secret Supporters) - Republican Candidates for Governor – Colorado 2018 ... Stapleton – If one candidate could be called a front-runner at this point, it's Stapleton"."


Well, Walker Stapleton, you could have been the Front runner for

Governor of Colorado 2018. But Colorado Voters’ Needs a more well-rounded candidate for Governor. Colorado has had its share of Bean counters running the Government.  No Walker Stapleton. When you decide to be a hold out, and take all the contributions, to dovetail the Campaign finance rules. It’s amazing, how sneaky you’d be if you were Colorado 2018 Governor. Walker Stapleton, of all the Voters’ out of Colorado you should have responded back, when you were soliciting, future voters, for the Future of Colorado Innovation Love and Peace. Hey Walker are you responsible for Colorado’s $700,000,000 Deficit??? Or is that responsibility on Lt Governor Donna Lynne. Stapleton, you know … Governor John Hickenlooper favorite “Candidate for Colorado Governor 2018”


Now, what about those annoying Campaign Finance Laws, that the Political Industry called you out on, for waiting to join the 2018 Governor Race for Colorado, and its Voters’. Walker, things have changed since Post Presidential Elections. And Donald Trump broke that Glass Ceiling, and then some. The problem, Candidate Stapleton is going to have in the next 14 months. The verified content, and all the conversations, PC, Tablet, emails, cell phones, land lines. And unless Walker, was been using Homing Pigeons, and the Dark Web. To look at all the other candidates, and what they are doing, saying, and strategizing, and of course.


Stapleton, your Candidate Start up is your demise, and everything your entire Circle have been plotting. The Wizard, knows All, Tells All. And it doesn’t look Good for the current Treasure of Colorado 2017. What??? Campaign Finance Laws, and Stapleton ...


"GP7A News: The Denver Post reported Walker Stapleton found a way around governor's race donation limits Walker Stapleton Campaign finance Way Around BOY ... Shameful! What You feeling Froggy, Walker. You better back up that Mouth, You can't buy my Vote, Tool! LMAO! On Aug 3, 2017 - Walker Stapleton will inch up to the line of launching his campaign for ... The proceeds, however, won't go into Stapleton's campaign fund — as ...  By MARK K. MATTHEWS | | The Denver Post | PUBLISHED: August 3, 2017 at 6:30 am | UPDATED: August 3, 2017 at 6:47 pm"." 


"I, Candidate Walker Stapleton is running for Colorado Governor 2018. And I did circumvent the law to beat the Colorado Campaign fiance Laws. I'm the Treurer, this is what I do Baby. - Walker Stapelton .. Now, don't you wish people would really say what they mean. Everyone knows, but Walker Stapleton and Crew. Not only is Walker Stapleton the Wrong Choice for Governor of2018 Colorado Elections. And No Way is Walker stapleton the front runner 2018. 

The Front runner 2018. The candidate is clear where the conversions are within Colorado. And Even though, your secret operative; “Episode 18:e Republican Candidates for CO Governor in 2018 + Trump ... 24, 2017 - Republican Candidates for Governor – Colorado 2018 ... Stapleton – If one candidate could be called a front-runner at this point, it's Stapleton”.”

Magellan strategies, You have to be in the race to be a front runner in the race. For Walker Stapleton's supporters, keep your money. Here are the Governo Front Runners 2018. Period". Now it's up to the Voters' waking up all over Colorado. To the Campaign Finance cheater. Walker, you are corrupt, irs only a matter of time. Before you're FIRED!


Wow, how many months were Magellan Strategies, holding their

breaths, they got their messages, too! Irrelevant 100% Verified. It takes time to clear the swamp. Walker, Should Have Ran Faster, To Join The GOVRACE, and your Campaign Finance hide and seek, and dirty plays, can only come from an experienced BEAN COUNTER; Not For Long! #TaptheVote 

- Marcus Giavanni