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Fathers' for Marcus Giavannif for Governor of Colorado Optimization

  Fathers' for Candidates for Governor of Colorado Optimization. They are concerned with their rights and the the rights of their children in Colorado Optimization. The City and County of Denver, has some very bad employees under their direction. Most Fathers' know when they go to the Denver Family Courts that the system is tilted in the favor of mother and child.

  Fathers' in Colorado are looking for candidates that will not only protect their children's rights, but fathers' rights, as parents to their children. Single father's are seeing their driver's license and professional business license being revoked, due to child support payments that are either missed due to being unemployed and especially medial problem.

  These conditions do not fit with the mentality of the law. Therefore, it does not matter why you can't pay. A Father or Mother has to pay or they go to jail and lose everything. All in what is in the best interest of their children.

  There is a new actors in the Domestic Violence theater. They are men and women who are hell bent on destroying the other parents lives and they themselves become Habitual Offenders of filing False Domestic Violence charges on the other parent; who has been made to believe they are the bad parent. And therefore should lose all rights to said children.

In  Colorado this must Stop!!!