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Green Roof Initiative: Green Roof Initiative Ballot November 7, 2017 Dangerous GP7A News

Published Sep 7, 2017 12:53 Pm Update Oct 18, 2017 4:20 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | United States | Colorado | City and County of Denver | Denver Elections 2017 | Green Roofs | For Everyone | Ballot Initiative | 11.7.2017 | November 7, 2017

City and County of Denver | City and county of Denver Election | November 7, 2017
City and County of Denver | City and county of Denver Election | November 7, 2017

Green Roof Initiative Ballot November 7, 2017: Dangerous Slippery Slope GP7A News

Published Sep 7, 2017 12:53 Pm Update Oct 18, 2017 4:20 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | United States | Colorado | City and County of Denver | Denver Elections 2017 | Green Roofs | For Everyone | Ballot Initiative | 11.7.2017 | November 7, 2017



GP7A News:  Did you hear ... Denver Elections 2017 ... "Green Roof" Makes Ballot, Breaking News, when 11/7/2017, see, Brandon Rietheimer, is going to make sure Denver citizens comply with his laws. Do you folks, even know, how much this will cost; not to mention the roof loads, that will have to be refigured, recalculated, and redrawn. To meet Brandon Rietheimer, requirements, based on his law, and his idiotic numbers. And how spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, to save a dime. WTF!

"GP7A:  When is the election? 11.7.2017 Trending, and knowing about Algorithm change: Published 10/18/2017. To check the accuracy of content redirect. We purposely use different dates, and other image codes, to draw out hidden content. Then, we change the dates, to send that hidden content to the Black Hat Abyss. And it works. And the conversations, of typoes, and Marcus Giavanni has no clue, and is the worst spelling and grammar on the face of Social Media networks, around the world"."

"GP7A News asks … Brandon Rietheimer do you have rooftop gardens on your roofs, of property you own. Besides some voter be saying’ you don’t own any property in Denver, CO"." How can you make people follow a law, to make them spend money to enrich you, and your gang of fools! Brandon Rietheimer, you be hanging out with Mayor Hancock, because, he’s not stupid enough, to pull this work of genius of as law. Believe me!"

Folks, the next thing, this precedence law will do, just like insurance, make you pay for something you don’t want. Can’t afford, while someone, like Brandon Rietheimer, has figured the weakness of Denver Voters’ wanting to be the Green city, it’s not; 100% Guaranteed verified facts. Sorry folks.


Brandon Rietheimer, when you start telling people you must buy to comply. And create laws to support your quick 15 minutes of fame, and quick money schemes. It’s not gonna work friend. Just say No to Brandon Rietheimer Green Roof Law. And if you put your ear to the street, or like I can do. Put my eyes on Google analytics. And I know, 100% that this is a fantasy that will not come to fruition, when the silent voters, vote on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.


You know, Brandon Rietheimer … it’s great when you can bounce back from making bad decisions. I have not found one piece of history to substantiate your authority in this subject matter. And as a Denver Mayoral Candidate for 2019. And a registered unaffiliated/independent voter. I object whole hardly, your notion, initiative, to make our citizens of Denver. Pay to substantiate your failed fantasy.


The next thing you would do, is make a law so everyone would have to go solar, would have to install, solar panels, and other green like initiative. It just takes one law, then Boom Baby. People will not be ordered by law to buy something they don’t want to buy. And is cost prohibited. Now, if those people, like you, want to go do garden farms, on their roofs, toiles, back yards, front yards, and feed the world. I will come help to cultivate. But that’s my decision, not yours Brandon.

It’s great you think you can do these things Nemo. But you can’t, make others do it! Especially, if you yourself don’t have a roof top garden on your property, if you even have property.


What most people don’t understand that will be voting for this initiative thinking Brandon Rietheimer is doing good, by creating costs, to build gardens on rooftops. To clean up the foot print it’s creating, and leaving behind, with bare naked roofs.


GP7A News: Asks ... If someone telling Denver Citizens. What they need to buy, and from whom. And voters in Denver are asking … “Who is Brandon Rietheimer”, and where does he get off, telling investors, they need to Grow gardens on their roofs, is the most ridiculous thing I have ever, heard of. I can accept a voluntary Green Roof to those who want the extra charge, and a prefabricated roof loads, we must worry about the new snow levels.

Brando Initiative Ballot for 11.7.2017 What, GP7A News asks … Brandon Rietheimer and those, (Who prosper, behind the scenes) do you have roof top gardens on your properties, and if so. Can you show me proof, where our ROI (Return on investment) is cover the cost to support your Law or initiative? I’m talking energy savings, carbon footprint, how about those rooftop gardens that become so expensive, or get ruined by a hail storm, Brandon will you come and fix the Gardens. Hell, no you won’t.


It’s bad enough, I must hear Version tell me they have the best service, and I walk into a business, and T-Mobile beats Verizon beats! So, I buy the extra boosters, and still no service. But we all must pay them, and watch T-Mobile customers laugh at us. Exact the opposite of Versions commercials. When I’m Mayor, I’m going to take care of Verizon, Comcast, CenturyLink, all those fats cat CEOS, over charging. WE ARE COMING!

Denver Elections Wrong Choice 2017 Green Roof, Initiative, Denver Elections 2017.

I don’t own property, but builders tell me, this will cause economic harm to the city and county of Denver. That we are setting up our future generation of children. An urban blight, that will model the city of Chicago. Pretty soon, Denver will drive out the productive, and create noneruptive citizens, using up all their social programs, making them the next in line to be the next Detroit.

I have 12 years of stories about the Denver Public School System. And the teachers are the only asset that is saving the superintendents ass!

DPS WE ARE COMING, and to all your nonprofits, we got your numbers too.


Don’t worry, I have eyes in the back of my head, my neighbors are on alert 5 deep in all directions and blocks. I’m not afraid to knock on doors. Hell, I sold candy and ran crews of 12 kids, at the age of 8 until I was 15, in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Phoenix, Scottsdale. And now I Love Google! 

– Marcus Giavanni I come to Battle, and I came to WIN!


I did NOT, need, to be Mayor, or Governor, to beat you all. Whom, have all destroyed the City Beautiful Denver. I will sell my companies for hundreds of millions of dollars. No fan fairs, just silently walking off into the sunset, of the mountains peak. What’s in your Future??? #TapTheVote - Marcus Giavanni